Friday, September 20, 2013

Massachusetts pick

When Nick and I went to Massachusettes to pick up Steve, we took Lucky with us... He was such a good dog... not a peep out of him all weekend.... Here he is waiting for Nick to come outside. Whenever Nick left to go someplace Lucky looked like he had lost his best friend.... good dog!

AND today is my birthday,,,, happy birthday to me!!!.. old lady that I am!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Labor Day trip

Our short visit to Massachusetts Labor Day weekend. That's my son Nick in foreground, and hubby Steve in the back.  We were walking on the pier in Plymouth harbor.  It juts out into the ocean and Nick wanted to say he had seen the ocean.... not like he hasn't seen it before, but hey, whatever he wants... it was our first 'Family" vacation since Nick was 18 months old just the 3 of us.....  Time flies,,,, he'll be 32 y.o in October. It was a cloudy day, and wasn't sure about going on whale watch that day,, maybe next year with Erin and Kay and Molly.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Another Stampalooza swap card.....hope you enjoy my postings....thanks for stopping by

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Not sure where this came from,,, I'm thinking Stampalooza in May,, according to date stamp.. Anyway, I have been too pooped to particapate lately,,, Molly keeps me busy, and when she naps I try to get other things done.... plus my own nap....

Don't know if anyone knows but Shelli Gardner, CEO of Stampin'UP! ( you can read full story )was in an accident involving a horse... Labor Day weekend. I just read her updated blog today, and she's HOME!.. wow.. broken pelvis, arm and whatever else .... she's still not able to do much, but at least she's home.
Thats a been there done that thing for me...!!! Just glad she's home and recovering... and the horse is recovering too, by the way...